Heated Loungers

Bradford Heated Loungers provide Radiant Heat & Relaxation. Make your home the ultimate place to relax.

Bradford Heated Loungers feature a durable fiberglass body resistant to fading – ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Often positioned in sets near our pools, hot tubs, and home spas, our luxurious tiled loungers provide the perfect ergonomic recline while emanating a soothing heat. Unwind and ease your body and mind.

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Heated Lounger Tile Inlay

Inlaid tile sits level with the lounge surface with the border and base of the lounger untiled.

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Tile Top Heated Lounger

Tile covers the lounger surface, border and edges, leaving the base untiled.

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Full Tile Heated Lounger

The entire lounger is finished with selected tile of choice.

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